A lifetime resident of Richmond and a current member of the Swansboro Community, Teresa was an educator for 15 years, serving in a variety of leadership positions before moving to nonprofit work in 2021. Her work has always centered on educational equity, justice, inclusion and belonging, strategically finding ways to dismantle the systems that privilege some while systemically oppressing others.

Her interest in working to improve the park stems from both her proximity and daily use of the park and the recognition that this park has seen a disparity in it’s care and maintenance over the years, leading to crumbling infrastructure and at times, violent crimes. She believes that the children and families of Swansboro and Woodland Heights, as well as the other surrounding neighborhoods the park serves, deserve a community greenspace equivalent to the parks found in wealthier and more privileged areas of the city.

Teresa and her partner are both passionate outdoors persons, spending their free time kayaking or rafting on the James River, biking, hiking, camping, and skiing. She has three teenage children and two spoiled dogs, who also love to use the park on a daily basis.

Teresa is on the the Governance and Board Development Committee.

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