Food Distribution

Currently our FREE FarmStand is every Wednesday. Community members can visit any weekly Farm Stand to help set up, break down, go through produce for compost, or help in the food forest with weeding or planting. There’s always lots to do on Wednesdays.

Our vision is to transition the FarmStand into an “always open” rotating free farm stand and food pantry, assisted by a network of volunteers who gather viable produce and rotate it into the farm stand while composting what can no longer be used.


Are you invested in planting some plants or fruit trees? Or designing raised garden beds for community gleaning? Or native pollinators? Mushrooms? Harvesting water and wetland retention? Natural play areas and nature based education? Want to help contribute to the Food Forest park plan?

Whatever your passion, we can help connect you to the many resources available for helping Fonticello Food Forest realize our vision. This often requires extensive work (emailing, calling, developing, permits, funding, grant writing, community planning, educational signage, volunteer scheduling, and promotion) BUT if YOU are willing and have the capacity, then lots of inspiring things can happen.