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In July 2019, Timmons Group conducted a site visit and project kick off meeting with the DPRCF, followed by tabling at a National Night Out event in the park and the completion of a site inventory and analysis. The first public meeting was held September 10, 2019 to facilitate discussion on the community’s vision. A survey was distributed both at the meeting and online. This feedback drove the two initial master plan concepts which were presented at a subsequent meeting on October 22, 2019.

The application was recommended for approval with conditions by the Urban Design Committee (UDC) on May 7, 2020. According to the Action Details from that meeting, the UDC recommended the pedestrian bollards not be utilized within the park, the applicant consider previous paving in the material selection for sidewalks and paths, and that new signage be sensitive the character of the surrounding historic neighborhood. On May 18, 2020, the Planning commission approved the plan as well.

As of September 2022, benches have been removed around the pavilion and the playground area has been completely dismantled, but no other improvements to the park have been made.

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