The Friends of Fonticello Park believe in the importance of reintroducing native plants to the park in order to support the local ecosystem, preserve biodiversity, reduce the heat island effect, combat climate change, conserve water, and provide beauty and healthy spaces for our community.


The Park system came out January 11, 2023 and tilled and leveled the space in preparation for planting. We are currently raising funds to purchase plants for our Fall 2023 planting. We have applied to two grants that would fund this work. Unfortunately, we were not awarded one of the grants we applied for. We are still waiting to hear back on the second grant.

The Friends are considering moving the meadow to the area to the east of the tennis courts instead of where the old playground use to be to maintain a larger greenspace for sports and games. The area to the east of the tennis courts is sloped and often underused. There is a plan to install a walkway through the park that connects the amenities.


In 2006, a group of neighbors did a little “gorilla gardening” in the park. They installed bench planters and a variety of ornamental plants on the Perry side of the park on a roundabout in the park and around the sign at the park entrance. Since that time, the pollinator garden in the park has been mowed and overgrown. The benches rotted and became a hazard.

In April 2023, the Friends of Fonticello Park began work on the Pollinator Garden. This work focused on removing invasive plant species, such as Annual Honest (Lunaria annua), English Ivy (Hedera helix), and Liriope (Liriope spicata). During the April Workday, volunteers dug up these and other invasive species, removed the benches while retaining the planters, laid cardboard to smother grasses and other weedy plants, and started lining some of the gardens to create a distinction between them and walkways. The work will continue at subsequent work days in 2023.

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